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Bigg Boss Vote Tamil Season 2 (Online Voting & Missed Call Voting )

Bigg Boss Vote Tamil Season 2 started its online voting process, through which a person can cast his vote through online and or either through the missed call process.

There are two ways to cast your vote to your favorite ones. The first is by visiting the official page of the channel and the second one by giving the missed calls on the particular number assigned to their favorite one by the Bigg Boss team.

If you choose to vote through the Online Process each vote done by a single person will be counted as 50. It means one email id will help you to cast 50 vote points to your favorite one. This is why it is highly recommended to vote online. But in case you are unable to vote online, there is an alternative way through which you can contribute your vote to your favorite one is by giving Missed Call.

Eventually, the person who will fail to get enough votes and will get the lesser votes will be announced publically by the host Kamal Hassan.

Each and every week tasks seems to be carried out inside the decorative house. And on the weekends, the Bigg Boss simply ask the participants to nominate any 2 contestants. It means a single candidate has a right to nominate 2 persons.

When a candidate is asked to nominate any 2 persons, it means he or she is giving a chance to let everyone know whom they want to see going out of the house. The motive of the nomination process is just to know that who is not happy with whom.

Bigg Boss Vote Tamil Season 2 Elimination Updates

Week 1 : 4 Members square measure appointed i.e Ananth, Mumtaz, Nithya, and Riythvika. there's No Elimination For week one.
Week 2 : four Members square measure appointed i.e Ananth, Mumtaj, Ponnambalam and Mamathi.Mamathi was Eliminated on the ordinal day with Less range of Public Votes
Week 3: Ananth Ananth, Balaji, Mumtaz, Nithya, Ponnambalam square measure appointed during this week. Ananth was Eliminated on the twenty first Day.
Week 4: Thadi Balaji, Nithya, Yashika Anand, Ponnambalm were appointed for the week. Nithya Was Eliminated during this Week.
Week 5: are going to be Updated

The nomination process generally seems to be carried on the weekends where a candidate will nominate any 2 participants, he doesn’t want to see in the house of Bigg Boss. After that, all the nominated participants will be left for the audience for the final judgment through the votes. The person who will get the lesser votes is to be sent out of the house.

You can vote and save your favorite one. Some weeks there will be no elimination. Those weeks only the tasks will be carried out.

The entire details of the Bigg Boss Tamil Online Vote & Missed Call Votes are below :

Bigg Boss Vote Tamil

This week 4 contestants out of the 15 contestants will face the troubles and will be seen in the elimination race. The 4 contestants are Mumtaz, Mamathi Chari, Ponnambalam, and Ananth Vaidyanathan.

You can choose your favorite and one you wish to see as a winner.

Bigg Boss Vote for Tamil Season 2:

Also, you can cast your valuable votes for the participants of Bigg Boss that is being telecast in other languages.

Vote for Bigg Boss Malayalam here:  Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote

Vote for Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 here: Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Note: The above poll is designed to know the opinion of the public. Votes submitted through this poll will no longer enhance the official votes. It is just created in order to know the opinion of the public. It would not affect the official votes.
To cast vote official you can visit the homepage of Vijay TV. There you search for the official voting poll.

Bigg Boss Vote Tamil:


Bigg Boss Tamil Elimination Result.

Total vote : 76635
Bhalajie: 19411 Votes
Riythvika 19835 Votes
Ponnambalam 15073 Votes
Mumtaz 13906 Votes
Mahat 8410 Votes
    Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 Online Voting:
    Simply visit the official site of channel Vijay TV. And there you will see an option of voting online. From there you will get to know about your further movements.
    Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 Missed Call Voting: The alternative way to save your favorite Tamil contestant you can simply dial the particular number assigned to your favorite contestant and give a missed call.

Yashika Aanand – Missed Call Number –  8367796816

Ponnambalam – Missed Call Number – 8367796810

Riythvika – Missed Call Number – 8367796812

Mamathi Chari – Missed Call Number – 8367796807

Ramya NSK – Missed Call Number – 8367796811

Sendrayan – Missed Call Number – 8367796813

Thaadi Balaji – Missed Call Number – 8367796803

Nithya Thaadi Balaji – Missed Call Number – 8367796809

Daniel Anne Pope – Missed Call Number – 8367796804

Aishwarya Dutta – Missed Call Number – 8367796801

Mahat Raghavendra – Missed Call Number – 8367796806

Mumtaj – Missed Call Number – 8367796808

Shariq Khan – Missed Call Number – 8367796814

Vaishnavi – Missed Call Number – 8367796815

Janani Iyer – Missed Call Number – 8367796805

Ananth Vaidyanathan – Missed Call Number – 8367796802

Recent Highlights in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2:  On the day 7th, Kamal Hassan appeared as a host in Bigg Boss Tamil. During his presentation on the stage, he seems interacting with the contestants. Also, he played a prank with them by saying that there will be an eviction this week and also asked Mumtaz that she got eliminated as she received the lesser votes and she has to come out on the stage. She got afraid on hearing it as she and none of the members knew that Kamal is just making them fool. But later on, he revealed the fact soon, that there is no such elimination and candidates may take a sigh of relief at least this week. And he also told that the process of voting will begin from the coming Monday.

Bigg Boss latest promo has been released out in which it showed Day 8th where Nithya (Balaji’s Ex-Wife) is chosen as a Captain and she will now take care of all the tasks. All the activities will be carried out under her captaincy. Now it is to see that if she is able to perform well as a captain or not? The promo also showed that this week there will be a nomination process too.

There is an update: Mamathi Chari got evicted from the show. She is the first one to get evicted from the house of Bigg Boss.

Who will get eliminated from the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2?

The online voting of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 for candidates goes on from Monday to Friday every week. After that, the results will get analyzed and after analyzing the votes the candidate to be evicted from the show will be decided. The person to get the lesser votes may see the exit.
Well, Kamal Hassan will announce the total number of votes of Bigg Boss but he will not disclose the particular individual vote count.

Questions with its Answers of Bigg Boss Tamil

    What would happen in case two nominated candidates get the same number of votes?
    In such case, the decision will be carried out by the Vijay TV.Where can public view the vote results?
    Well, there is no such place for the audience to view the results of the vote. They have to wait till it will be announced publically.Will there be an elimination every week?
    No, eviction may not happen in some of the weeks.How can a long audience vote for their favorite one?
    Monday to Friday every week.Will Kamal Hassan host all the coming episodes?
    No, Kamal will be featured only on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

Recent Gallery of Bigg Boss Vote Tamil Season 2:

Here, are some of the moments happened during the tasks, where Mumtaz seems to get emotional. Also, there are some of the funny moments that took place in the first week of the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2.
Bigg Boss Vote Tamil Contestants:

Yaashika  Anand: 

From the movie IAMK, she came in front of the people. She is also well known in Instagram. She appeared in the movies like Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru, Aayiram Kaal Mandapam, Odavum Mudiyathu Oliyavum Mudiyathu, and Kavalai Vandam. She is an 18-year-old actress and the first contestant to get entered in the house of Bigg Boss.

He is best known for his appearance in the movie Rajinikanth starrer Muthu. He as an actor turned into a politician Ponnambalam. He was the 2nd contestant to get entered in the Bigg Boss Season 2. He joined ADMK party in 2011 and entered into the politics. He is also known as the “Spare Parts”, as his all parts of the body are secured till now and haven’t got damaged yet during any of his shoots.

Mahat Raghavendra:

He is Telugu and Tamil actor who appeared with the small roles and he is a 3rd contestant to get entered into the house of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2. His appearance in the movie Ajith starrer Mankatha was appreciated a lot by his admirers. With the help of his childhood friend also a very famous Producer Alagiri, he got work in the films. Alagiri helped him to get the work in his initial struggling days.

Daniel Annie Pope: 

He is well known as an Indian Film Actor. He also appeared in some Tamil language movies. He is also famous for his appearance in Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara. Because of his active roles in the Theatre groups, he also got awarded the Best Mimer of South in 2008


Her full name is Vaishnavi Prasath. She is the grand-daughter of a famous journalist-writer Sa. Viswanathan. She is also a part of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2. She is a Radio Jockey in 104.98 FM and she is also a journalist. Her father was the founder of a famous magazine Saavi and was also a senior journalist.

Janani Iyer:

As an actress, she seems to perform in the Tamil and Malayalam films. This Indian actress is appreciated and well known for her cuteness and also a big surprise to the audience. She is definite:y going to get a lot of fans from this show. After acting almost in more than 150 advertisements she finally came close to the small screen.

Ananth Vaidyanathan:

She is a voice trainer and Vijay TV’s show Super Singer enhanced the popularity of Ananth. Ananth entered Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 to entertain his admirers. Ananth is the elder contestant among the other contestants as Ananth is 61-year-old aged. Everyone is a bit excited to see how he is going to survive in the house of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 where he has to live with almost 16 young contestants.

Ramya NSK:

Ramya NSK is a playback Indian Singer and also got awarded many times with the film fare awards. Very few people know that she is the granddaughter of Comedian N.S Krishnan well known as NSK, from him she got these three letters NSK.


He is well known as a comedian in the Tamil movies. His appearance as a young age criminal in the film Moodar Koodam was appreciated a lot and his fan following list started getting raised up. Some of his recent films include Rowthiram, Moodar Koodam, Aadukalam, and Silambattam.


She is an actress and made her place in the industry with the movies include Madras and Paradesi. She appeared in the short films too during the days of her college and helped herself to have a good base for her career in films. She was also appeared in Pa Ranjith – Rajini starrer Kabali.


She is one of the beautiful actresses. She is well known as a beautiful actress of Kollywood. She is a 37-year-old Indian model who turned herself into an actress. She debuted herself as an actress with the Telugu and Tamil movies. She appeared as a judge in some of the dance shows and also getting more fame because of her performance as an item dancer in the item songs.

Dhadi Balaji:

He is the husband of Nithya. Bigg Boss has given a chance for both to live under one roof. He is well known as a TV Actor who generally appears in the supporting roles. He appeared as a judge too in the KPY shows. The audience is eagerly waiting to see what will happen when Balaji and his ex-wife Nithya will be met after their divorce.

Mamathi Chari:

She is a divorced woman. She is well known as an actress and she also appeared on the small screen in the TV industry. She made her debut as an anchor in the shows which are on aired through RAJ TV.
JOJ, her chat show, seems to be more famous, this show generally talks about the couple and love topics.


She is the wife of Balaji’s. Both are not living together anymore due to some personal problems. They are living separately. She works for society and also runs an NGO which works for the well being of women. Most Interesting thing is she will have to live in the house of Bigg Boss with her ex-husband. Keep watching Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 to know what happens between them, when they get a chance to live together after their divorce.

Shariq Hassan:
He is the son of the famous actor, Riyaz Khan. He made his debut with Pencil in Kollywood. He will soon seem to make his debut in Kannada with his lead role which will be producing by SP Ragavesh.

Aishwarya Dutta:

In Bigg Boss Vote Tamil final contestant is also an actress Aishwarya Dutta. She entered Bigg Boss Vote Tamil . She belongs from Bengal and is well known as a Tamil Actress. She is well known in Tamil as Harini, the audience appreciates her acting skills. She acted in a couple of movies in both Tamil and Bengali.
So, it was all about the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2, Candidates, Eliminated and Nominated Candidates, and the Voting process of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2. And don’t forget to leave the comments that which contestant you want to see as a winner of Tamil season 2 and why. You can visit the official site to cast your votes. And keep visiting us for more latest updates about the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2. We will provide you the each and every little information about it.