Steve Smith Ball Tampering.
Australian captain Steve Smith Ball Tampering resigns in Cape Town on Wednesday.

Australian captain Steve Smith Ball Tampering resigns in Cape Town on Wednesday.Also, Australia David Warner resigned as vice-captain.Both are resigned from the cricket team after a big controversy over Australia and South Africa in the third Test.

Paesan is the temporary captain. The Australian cricket team also came out after the Australian Cricket Board made it clear that they would investigate the incident.

Australia cricket captain Steve Smith Ball Tampering

The Australian government has urged Steve Smith to step down as captain. The Ashes Sports Commission snapped the country’s disgrace.

There is a possibility that the players and the head coach will be strict against it. Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull responded that shocking and dismissive shots were “shocking and disappointing”.

In the third Test match against South Africa, the ball was fired on television. Match referee told umpires to the critical subject. The umpires spoke to Ozis starring Bancroft. But the back cuff was shown by a soft poured sunglass.

Smith, however, was forced to clarify the incident following the controversy. Australian captain Steve Smith has confirmed that he was confident that the cricket team would be confident. The group led by the team is the team that got together. Smith confessed to having a big fault and that it was indestructible.

Ball-tampering Steve Smith

Steve Smith Ball Tampering is disappointment raised above adverse conditions has led to a manipulation, Smith said. This controversial incident took place in the 43rd over South Africa innings.

The television was shown to be changing the ball’s composition by opening the ball with the ballock-turned yellow striped body. The umpires, Nigel Long and Richard Elling, spoke with Bancroft and then Smith confessed. Australia is in trouble. In the Third Test, South Africa was leading by 294 runs.


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