Easy Method to Make Easter Egg with home ingredients.

Today I’m gonna show you how to make this really cool Easy Method to Make Easter Egg At Home.I recently bought this mmm chocolate Easter Egg and when I opened it up I found you get the chocolate egg and three small bags of M&Ms.

I took the egg out of the foil and as with most larger Easter eggs it’s completely Hollow and I figured it would be far better.If it were actually filled up with M&Ms; the two halves of this egg are melted together.

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Easy Method to Make Easter Egg at Home

Which is handy and you can see the line where they’ve been joined running down the middle.I took a sharp knife and made a series of holes around half of the base of the egg to weaken it.

So I can snap it off to make a nice neat hole when I tried to price it out only the end snapped off.

But it is a big enough hole for the M&Ms; to go through and it’s a nice neat break so it should stick back on easily enough.

Later to hold the egg while I’m filling it up I’m taking a ramekin and using it as an egg cup To stand the egg up in I’m gonna fill up the egg with these packets of M&Ms.

But I don’t think that’s gonna be enough so I bought a load more and now we’re ready to start filling it.Just pour them into the hole and I’m mixing different types of M&Ms.

Easy Method to Make Easter Egg is really easy Altogether these ones in the yellow packet are peanut M&Ms, and they’re a lot larger you could, of course, use other sweets too or even fill it up with mini eggs.

easter egg
easter egg decoration in a basket

I filled this right up to the top and I was able to get all these packets inside the egg next. We need to reattach to the top loop piece that we broke off and to do this.

I’m using a lighter gently melt the edge of the chocolate and fit it back in place you can use a knife to smooth it.If you need to melt a bit of additional chocolate and add that to the gaps too.

How to make your own Easter eggs

I’m also going to cover the other holes I made to make sure it’s strong.It’s not going to look as tidy as it did originally, but it should be nice and strong.We’ve done it on the bottom of the egg to make it less visible and noticeable once you’re done.

We’re going to wrap it back up in the foil that came in and put it back in the packaging this egg now contains grams of M&Ms.

So who it’s pretty heavy but I’m also going to add in two more large packets weighing grams each.

So we now have over a kilogram of M&Ms, instead of the grams that came in the packet to start with you can slide it back in the box.

Use some strips of tape to seal it back up soon Easter day when you give it to someone to start with they’ll notice.It really is heavy it comes with the two huge bags of M&Ms; and the egg.

I decided to open this one using a spoon to crack the top off it’s completely full of these amazing colored M&Ms.Kids will love it pretty cool huh you can see the difference in size between the peanut.

So there is Easy Method to Make Easter Egg which is quite easy.So make it and show to your all friends and family.


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