Kamal Haasan can not blame Rajini only in case of Cauvery. ‘

Speaking to reporters in Coimbatore, Kamal Hassan said, ‘The Cauvery Management Board should be set up. It must be done. There is no need to make this impossible problem. More important, the main duty for Tamils ​​is to save and waste water.

‘Who are you to be the chief to take,’ is not it? I can say, ‘People are the founder and leader of the People’s Justice Party.’ If it says no, it must do so. But talk and talk is nothing wrong. I’m still speaking. My voice is sounding forever that I will get justice. It’s just not enough to talk and act. Unity does not grow if Eckenhaus is playing the required games. Life is one thing.

There is no shame in bringing the voice of the people, the pride. If you ask me, ‘Who are you?’ My name, telling the address, ‘I have a duty, I am Tamil’. That’s enough. There is no need to be chief minister or minister. I have already spoken to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But then I did not start the party. ‘

‘The actor Rajinikanth’s cavity management board has no idea,’ he said, ‘in many cases he is. So we can not blame only one thing, ‘replied Kamal Haasan.


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