Actor Rani Mukerji had interactive sessions with the author, co-star Brad Cohen, based on her autobiography ‘Hichki’ to learn about Tourette syndrome.

Siddharth B. Malhotra is a writer and confident school teacher who has been influenced by the ‘hippie’ queen, a torrent syndrome.The film is based on Cohen’s autobiography: ‘Frontline’s class: How Tourette’s Syndrome Viewed Me’. The story of the queen in the movie reflects Cohen’s life, the most famous and popular motivational speaker and author of the United States.Malhotra said he had been in touch with the author for five years and described the plan for the Queen in 2016. ‘… I’ve acted in that tone for 5 years. ‘I’ve told you a story.’ ‘Yes …’ ‘Yes …’ ‘Yes …’ ‘Yes …’ he said. Queen contacted some people with symptoms of syndrome, and stated that Cohen was able to better understand mutual relationships with Skype. Brad was almost a week two weeks before the queen and almost every hour of the session … he showed how he showed how he encouraged every 2 or 3 seconds and the fact that he was trying to save himself calmly. ‘So after Brad understands what she can do, she was a brett in her breast. When she came up with her own, she became Brad. When she came back, she called me and told me what I was going to do. A bit, read a few lines and read some scenes, ‘said Malhotra. Cine encouraged the film from United Stills.’ Broad promotes ‘America’ ​​from the United States. He is interested in the film made in Hindi film, his best wishes for the queen and the whole team. Brad loves the trailer of ‘Hiki’ and wants to give his support to provide awareness about Tourette syndrome in India and around the world. He would like to act in every film, ‘the producer House said in a source.

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