Sri Reddy Mallidi Sensational Comments on Casting Couch

Tara Sri Reddy is not only a good anchor but a talented actress. As the television industry is doing well, Many films did not get the desired result. Sri Reddy, who has been in the field for the last few days, has been making sensational comments on the casting queue in a recent Youtube Channel interview. He expressed his disappointment for not offering heroine offers to Telugu girls.

Sri Reddy contents The casting couch is bigger The casting couch (into the bedroom for the bathroom) is a very big word. Very big thing. A girl should work hard to find a film industry. Save the body. For that, go to the gym and do the expiry. Sree Reddy said that the stomach should be nice to be beautiful. The stomach for the offers .. If they struggle hard, then why are they fasting?

Sri Reddy Mallidi Sensational Comments

Anybody struggling to fill the stomach. Why do you have a stomach? “She said. There is no happiness in the process of acting as an actress.

Do not know how to live If a project ends, another project will not know anymore. Question: What is the question? How much time will spend in Hyderabad? What about such a situation like that? They expressed how they should live.

Heroines from Mumbai Three or four films are getting hits while Tollywood is releasing 100 movies annually. Failures are the reasons for not being in Telugu today. The heroines are from Mumbai.

The dialogue is not a lip sink. Heroes from the neighboring state Danny and heroine heroes like Nanny, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam and Mumbai are like the heroines. Why are the Telugu girls out? Can not we exposure?

Can not say the dialog? Why the Telugu girls do not have opportunities for a million dollar question. Are you sleeping with us? Will you be compromised in Tamil before offering a offer? Ask for a commitment in Telugu. Sri Reddy said that if we could fall on with those questions.

If that is true then there is nothing except a simple carrot. Archana and Radhana Apte Telugu girls will work only if they sleep. Heroines Archana, Radhika Apte said about the casting couch. Sriya also opened the mouth.

Yet many people say. Offers will fall if you fall. In a phase, you need to be hungry. Many financial problems are likely to suffer. When my parents say that they do not come and get into trouble. Anyone who is insulted For all of the offers, you can end up with nothing but a lot of humiliation. What kind of job do you get? But the heroines do not have that situation. That’s why the girls come out of here.

Used to leave .. Cinema is used to give opportunities. After that, the movie is stopped. Otherwise, the producer is said to be the director and later the cameraman. After that, the film is said to have stopped.

We have become accustomed to seeing such words and times. How many people use I know how many of the producers and directors left in the industry. I will not tell them before the camera, though they know their names.

I have a right to say about myself. But it is not right to tell others about it. Shameless for offers I’m hot. Why do I exaggerate my body without shame? I speak boldly for the sake of offers. But did I get offers? That is not.

Producers like trump Telugu cinema is the reason for our film industry not getting opportunities. There are production houses like Ramanaidu, Allu Arvind. They also came up very hard. Bada producers should give an opportunity to Telugu girls. Sreerdy said that Telugu producers should give the opportunity to the girls here as Trump’s decision to give locals the same as in the US.


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